Wednesday, September 7, 2011

B-b-back to School

I've been absent, yes I know. I'm still getting used to this whole blog thing and I kept procrastinating. I've been dying to write to y'all (yes, had to use y'all thanks to my southern friend.) I have so much to say about all the fun I've had these past few days.

So... September means pumpkin lattes, giant mums on my porch, and my favorite thing - the start of school in the city!

I know.. right? Who LOVES going back to school? I need to chill with the weird nerd thing at times, but when I step foot off that bus (after my pleasant ::sigh:: 3 hour commute) I realize that I LOVE my school. I started my MSW Graduate program at Columbia's School of Social Work and it's been a wild ride. Literally. I live in central-CT and travel by car, train, and bus to school 2x/wk. BUT it's okay. I ENJOY it -- I love having an excuse to be in NYC part of the week. There is something about the city that both relaxes and excites me.. Anyone know what I mean? It's so hard to put into words, but it is certainly magical. My fav things about the city.. hmm... definately the culture and diversity. Right outside my building I can eat Ethipoian, Japanese, Italian, Indian, African, or Chinese. I can drink bubble tea or iced Nutella (yes, iced Nutella). In CT you either get Italian or fast-food Chinese. Oh joy. ::note sarcasm::
I also have a fancy for the vendors that sell fresh produce and flowers. If I want a snack I can have an apple. Yes one apple. I don't have to walk into a grocery store and buy a bag of them. Oh the simple things that so many take for granted. Clearly I must be hungry as I keep jabbering about food. Back to business.
So here I am back on campus and staying with an amazingly hospitable friend who is letting me shack up with her instead of traveling back and forth. Thanks mucho Tiff. You rock my socks.

Let's laugh about my books. Seriously. What else can you do but laugh when something is so miserably awful. They totaled $1300. I'm a grad student. By nature I'm supposed to be poor! No, I did not buy them all because I think that is ridiculous. But I did wait in line for an hour to buy the 3 cheapest ones while I hunt down the others online. Why did I think it was a good idea to go to the bookstore during lunch, during the first week of class.
Where was I the past 5 years of college?

Then a nice stroll on campus. If anyone has ever been on the Columbia campus you know what I'm talking about. It's a little slice of Utopia in Manhatten. I love daydreaming while I walk around. And today I was thinking.. all these youngsters (yes I am one of the old ones..) they have SO much potential. There might be the next President, Nobel Laureate, or scientist who discovers the cure for cancer or HIV. These kiddos inspire me. My classmates at CUSSW are the smartest, kindest, most creative and inventive people I've ever met. I feel priveledged and blessed that I get the opportunity to study with these people and my professors. Why I was granted this gift I'll never know,
but I know I won't waste it.

Reading and writing, Oh My. Cheers to the start of a new semester and good luck to everyone, young and old, embarking on new challenges and adventures!

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Good luck this year!!

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