Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shopping Inspiration

Here we are at another week of Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop. Has it been a week? Whew time flies when you having a stressful, tiring, commuting good time.Positive thoughts always people :D

This week -- Shops you love. Well well well. How fitting as Emily and I seem to have a major problem wanting to buy everything we shouldn't and can't. First are my top picks. I have to say that I have been an Urban Outfitters girl all my life. Although Anthropologie { I think } does have nicer stuff I'm just too poor at this time of my life to buy much there. So Urban has served me well these past years as a starving student.

Urban Outfitters

Come on folks -- Chevron Chair & they have a matching rug - in TEAL.
Some of my other favorite stores include Michaels Crafts - because I can't get enough of my 20% off purchase coupons, Uptown Consignment - because there are Marc Jacobs bags for $120 and Fendi clutches for $50. I love thrifting! Lastly, J Crew because I have a passionate love for cardigans and tee-shirt embellishments.

sourcevia pinterest

Clearly a toy store is Emily's favorite choice. Who woulda thought? Our fav is a long-standing toy store in West Hartford Center -- The Toy Chest. I love this store because it contains products that encourages learning and creativity. Think hand-sewn puppets and wooden kitchen food. Emily loves it because it's one of those stores that has a plentiful assortment of "floor models" that keep her occupied for hours. We picked up our first Tatutina letters here.

Check out their stuff - it rocks.

What's your fav picks?


Simone Howell said...

Stopping by from gussy sews- love your blog "Happy is Pretty" love it! Great post. Urban always has great stuff and really great online sales at the end of a season.

Eliza Rae said...

Thanks for the feedback! I'm with you on their sales -- You can find 60$ shirts for 10$ steaal!

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