Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pondering a Handmade Bizz..

I want to start a handmade business. I want to start with a "whatever happens, happens" mindset. I want to post a few things on Etsy and see what happens. Any ideas?
Here's some stuff I've put together.

There's this scarf too. And I have oodles of other scarf ideas. I've realized that I don't want to do this for money or anything. I want to start this endeavor because I want something a "hobby" that I enjoy losing myself in and something that creates meaning in my life. Well, maybe meaning isn't the word I'm looking for. For those that create you know that feeling when you're looking/holding/listening/smelling your item? It's like this little bubble of warmth inside. And I don't think it matters if other people " like " or want to have what you made. It's the fact that you created it and that feeling alone is pretty great. So I'd like some more of that :D

It would be great to talk to someone who started with just a little tiny idea of sharing what they've made and love with the world. Which reminds me -- I need to work on my commenting.

I'm off to start my first real day off. If you don't count cooking, list-making, cleaning, READING, and major organizing as work. It never ends does it? But being busy makes me thrive. When I have too much time on my hands I turn into a lazy slobmonster. Anyone ever feel like this? I was over on Gussy Sews and I read this great tip that I felt really hit home with me as this school year gets off and running

don't be afraid to get burnt out

Seriously. I'm having anxiety about future anxiety when I might fall behind in work. BUT IT HASN'T HAPPENED. So why am I freaking. Whatever will be, will be... right? So new goal = be busy, have fun, read so much that it stops making sense, and enjoy autumn. Because pumpkin coffee makes this girl happy.

And maybe make an online homemade bizz

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