Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fallin' for Scarves

I've been a bad blogger.

But after my adjustment back to the school grind I'll get better. I promise.

So to make up for my slack, I thought I'd show you something I really enjoyed. I never saw this before although I'm sure many of you have. I think it totally rocks.

INSERT PIC - yes to remind myself to post pic from camera
{ UGH can't find camera. Fail marianne. This was such a great project. As soon as I find I will post }

My wonderful friend Tiffany { you know, the one that lets me crash every week at her apt because shes so awesome } pulled this awesome scarf hanger out of her closet one day. Because of course her closet is like the GREATEST and she has a 1,000 scarves. I was totally taken aback at how cool and creative this was. Not to mention functional and something I would love having. I found a couple tutorials if anyone is interested.

here's one...
and another
and a final one just in case

and here's Emily, modeling a scarf that I would gladly hang from a super cool handmade hanger.
We got the inspiration for this scarf here. { Note that Em is only 42 inches tall and the scarf hangs much differently on a grown up }. Yes, this is my first "clothing" DIY that I am super proud of.

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